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Walkabout Collaborative delivers on-demand outcome based consulting services by top consultants who get hands-on support from our virtual global office.

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We personally select top professionals to work with you and deliver cost effective consulting solutions that increase your business value within a highly collaborative and outcome-based framework.

Virtual Collaboration, Personal Touch

You have on-demand access to the very best management consulting resources from around the world. Walkabout Collaborative delivers those resources to you from our virtual global office where both you and your ”Walkabout” team use the best collaboration tools and project resources available to grow and scale your business.

It doesn’t matter where you are or what language you speak as long as you have an Internet connection. Organizations can tap into a broader talent pool.

Jacob Morgan @jacobm

Jacob is a globally recognized keynote speaker, best-selling author, and futurist. He is also the co-founder of the Future of Work Community, a global brand council devoted to exploring how the workplace is changing.

The new workplace is one without borders

Hands-On, Results Driven

Instead of going it on your own with a self-sourcing solution, we give you a collaborative-sourcing solution. You have guided access to the leading independent consultants available today and we provide those consultants with hands-on support from initial outcome-based solutions development to proven project frameworks to co-designed deliverables. Our highly collaborative approach drives brilliant results for your company.

Walkabout Collaborative provides me with meaningful support, guidance, ideas I haven’t come across, relevant thoughts, and examples of whatever I’m looking for to use in building my sales consulting practice. There is never a delay in responding to me when I reach out for assistance. Walkabout Collaborative has made a difference to me and my business.

Pauline Warren, Founder, SalesWorks, LLC and Walkabout Partner Consultant

Walkabout Collaborative's Virtual Global Office

Your Agent of Trust

We provide a more effective and low risk way for your business to acquire outcome-based consulting services. Walkabout Collaborative is cultivating one of the most important sectors of the fastest growing workforce in our economy - the Executive and Professional independent worker. All of our consultants and resource partners are hand-picked based on their integrity and the value they bring to our ecosystem.

Trust establishes the conditions for productive collaboration. Companies with high degrees of trust can spend their energy leveraging each other’s core strengths and creating value.

Kate Vitasek is the architect of the Vested business model, best-selling author of Getting to We, a faculty of Graduate & Executive Education for the University of Tennessee’s College of Business and education advisor for Walkabout Collaborative.

Walkabout Collaborative - Driving brilliant, outcome-based results!

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The idea for Walkabout Collaborative came about when we began to study the Future of Work. It became apparent that businesses were going to increasingly rely on contingent labor for a variety of higher-level, professional assignments. We set out to create the next generation marketplace that includes a management platform to drive relevant assignments to our professionals and executives and, most important, provides the tools and coaching needed to help them deliver brilliant client results. Once the idea crystallized, Brad and I knew that this community had to have collaboration and trust as its foundation. Walkabout Collaborative was born.

Antoinette Forth, Co-Founder

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